About Our Owner & Master Plumber

A 3rd generation Master Plumber, Michael Allen McAllister,
** began working in the family business every
summer at only 8 years old.  Upon graduation from high
school, he obtained his license and has worked 42
continuous years in the family business serving families just
like yours in the Bossier-Caddo Parish area.


Louisiana Master Plumbing License, 1977

Louisiana Journeyman’s License, 1970


Louisiana Technical Institute, Shreveport, Louisiana, Louisiana
Journeyman’s License Training


Mike’s McAllister Plumbing Company, Louisiana Master Plumber,
1984 - Present
Self Employed/Owner
Work Areas and Areas of Experience:
    New Construction

McAllister Plumbing Company, Louisiana Journeyman, 1966 - 1984
3rd Generation: Family Owned Business
Work Areas and Areas of Experience:
       New Construction
    Commercial: Plumbing installation for two (2) El
                 Chico Restaurants
       Government: Repairs made to State Trooper’s
                 Office and at Bossier City Jail

Natkin & Company, 1967-1968
3rd largest construction company in the world during the late
Worked on Western Electric Building currently known as
    New Construction

5 years in Residential Heating

Expert knowledge in residential damages caused by faulty
plumbing systems installed or repaired by homeowners,
licensed plumbers, or unlicensed handymen.
42 years of nearly flawless complaint free work in the
community with no complaints to the Better Business           
Bureau or State Plumbing Board.
Served 8 years on the City Plumbing Board.
Veteran of over 40,000 repair calls.
Clients span the entire spectrum of the Shreveport-Bossier
community with over 4,000 customers currently on file,
including three (3) sitting judges and two retired judges.
Grandfather made state legal history with a precedent setting
court case against the local government.
Father invented the “looping system” for slab houses so that
no joints would exist under concrete – this method was later
adapted into law by FHA and VA.
Reputation throughout the community of impeccable integrity
and honesty.

**Mike is also available for expert testimony in court cases and has
a resume on file.  Call 318.741.3746 or email
M. Samantha
McAllister, Attorney at Law
for prices and details.