Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give military and/or senior citizen discounts?
No, however, once your name has been entered into our
client database, we mail out bi-yearly coupons and specials to
our customers.  We realize that some of our competitors do
give military/senior citizen discounts.  Here are three
reminders if you choose to use their services due to this
discount: 1) Check prices before you agree to use their
services.  Just because there is a discount does not mean
you are receiving the best deal.  2) Ask the brand name so
you are comparing apples to apples and not apples and
oranges.  3) Ask for the total price.  Everyone might be off a
few dollars, but not a phone price of one amount and then you
receive a bill for a larger amount.

Do you bill?
No, you pay once the service is complete.  Always remember,
never let a service man leave until you pay or sign a ticket
with the exact amount you owe.  If the service man does not
know the price, have him call in to get it before he leaves.  
Pay that amount or sign a ticket that this amount is all you

Do you do emergency service?
We do not advertise 24 hour service.  Beware of shops that
advertise such as they tell you that they will send the next
man available, which is usually the following day.  Our policy
is that if you leave a message (with your name, address,
phone number and problem), we will return your call within a
reasonable time frame to set up an appointment.  We also
never charge overtime.

Do you work on holidays?
We work on all major holidays except Christmas Day.  If you
are uncertain call 318.747.7291 for more information.

Do you sell parts out of your shop?
No, we do not have a retail license.  Parts we install are only
top of the line.

Do you do special orders?
Yes.  We require a deposit for special orders.  We have
numerous catalogues available or we can order a product you
found on the Internet, through television, at another store, or
even the product you love that your neighbor or friend has
installed!  Call 318.747.7291 for more information.

Will you install a part I have purchased from a retail store?
Not usually, however there are some exceptions.  We never
install a water heater or toilet you purchased on your own due
to product liability.  Call 318.747.7291 for more information.

What is a diagnostic fee?  Do you charge diagnostic fees?
Diagnostic fees are the new "buzz words" for a price shops
charge.  If they come out to your home at all, they will charge
you!  We normally can give you an estimate over the phone.
No, we do not charge diagnostic fees.  The only time we
charge for estimates is if we make a special, specific trip out
of our way.  If you wait until we are close by your home, there
is no charge.  Call 318.747.7291 for more information.

Do you have any hidden charges?
No!  We do not charge extra man fees, driving time, travel
time, gasoline fees, disposal fees, diagnostic fees,
environmental fees, etc.